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While designing the interior of our home with often forget the floors. We are connected to our grounds, and our house’s floor enhances our homes’ beauty. wood flooring in Ardmore, OK helps you to explore more than a thousand options not just for your floor and every possible furniture and carpet that’ll enrich the environment of your house.

They’ll help you to bring out the most innovative and pocket-friendly ideas for your living.

Why shall we do wood flooring?

A timeless appearance that has endured generations of fashion is wood flooring. It is organic, environmentally friendly, and highly robust. It makes sense that people have been making wood flooring for so long.

The most environmentally friendly type of floor covering is wood. The only one that is inherently renewable is this one. A sturdy wood floor can last for countless generations. The majority of other floor coverings are made to be thrown away.

While engineered wood, salvaged wood, and substitute materials that resemble wood are other options, solid wood is still a common choice. For this reason, cunningham’s is out to deconstruct the industry and give you a fundamental primer on wood flooring components.

Also, there are various types of wood flooring, it depends on which wood you prefer –

Solid wood

The most original flooring is solid wood. It is exactly what it says it is: solid wood. As the name suggests, solid wood is a piece of wood that is solid from top to bottom and throughout its full thickness. Throughout its useful life, it can normally be refinished multiple times.

Engineered Wood

Anything with a real wood wear layer, which means the top surface is actual wood, is considered engineered wood. It may be built in a variety of ways. It can be made entirely of plywood or have a composite material on the underside.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a distinctive, peculiar material deserving of its own category even if it is unquestionably still solid wood. Also, anything that has been utilized a number of times. The vintage structures from which antique recovered is sourced are at least 100 to 200 years old.