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What are the ideal times you need to get a massage?

When you’re a busy type of person and you want to pamper yourself from time to time. The best gift that you can give yourself is to have a good massage. Not only can it relax your body and mind but it can also treat any medical issues that are present in your body. You can always reach out to a massage therapist about what is the best massage that is good for you. There are no restrictions on how many times you can have a massage but the ideal number is between two to three times a month.

Getting a massage can lessen any painful symptoms that you have and it can release stress in your body. Massage is even helpful during pregnancy. You have to continue getting a massage in the 마사지커뮤니티 for your pain relief. You might think that it is less frequent but having regular massages for your health is beneficial to you.

Back pain

Having a regular massage can lessen your back pain. Using a deep tissue massage for ten days every 30 minutes can lessen the pain. There is a study that massage is now on the list to treat lower back pain which can last in 12 weeks.

Neck pain

When you’re experiencing neck pain and getting a massage can be a great advantage for you. Because getting a one-hour massage two to three times a week. It can help ease the pain compared to having a one-hour massage once a week or less than an hour.

Stress and anxiety

Every once or twice a month getting a massage can calm you and it can relieve your stress. You can get a one-hour massage for relaxing your body and it can lower your cortisol levels. It can also increase your serotonin levels which is helpful to improve your mental health.


When you’re pregnant you can still have a light massage done at your home. Or ask a therapist that can help you to lessen your back pain and leg pain. You can get a 20-minute massage from a registered massage therapist that can lessen your stress while you’re pregnant. There is also a study showing that having a 15-minute massage during labor can lessen the labor time and the medication that you need. But you have to seek your physician about this as not all have the same situation.

Every person has different reasons for having massages. It can be because of a medical issue or you want to get away from the stress and anxiety that you’re dealing with. You can choose what kind of massage you like or ask a doctor when you want to treat any health condition.