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The Art Of Bedroom Interior Design

Interior designing is not just about decorating places it’s about creating, modifying and designing space aesthetically as well as efficiently. It is everywhere, however it’s not given enough significance. The thing of Bedroom Interior Design is just about anything into a masterpiece is known as Interior designing. By creating eye-pleasing space, it soothes the soul as well as is a source of pure happiness. It plays a crucial role by utilising the space efficiently and creatively. This art is ancient as it has been around for at least 5,000 years. Even so, we all know old is gold.

Why is interior designing important to society?

  • It is important for our well-being – Well put together interiors can relieve stress, strengthen immunity and can be therapeutic. As it can bring peace to the soul.
  • Creates sustainability- By creating durable, simple and required features and elements, one can resist the urge to buy unnecessary furniture only to throw it out when they get bored of it.
  • Improves quality of life- Living in an organised space helps people to enjoy the place they’re living in through decorations and designs.

This art has been here for ages

  • In ancient India, architects also used to do the job of an interior designer.
  • Proof of this is visible in 17th century India homes, Palaces, wall art paintings of Havelis.
  • In Egypt, food offerings were made in Tombs as “soul houses” (model of houses) as vessels.
  • Evidence of Interior designing in various residences can be seen all around Egyptian dynasties.
  • In the first millennia BC, Greeka and later Roman added their magic of Interior designing.

Bedroom Interior Design

See of opportunities-

  • Its importance has been increasing with covid-19, as our homes are transformed from the place we relax into the place we work, workout, and do other things. With this it is creating more opportunities for people interested in this field and also for the people who are in this field.
  • It is expected to see exponential growth in the market of interior designing by 2025 worldwide.

As this art has been on earth for ages. And the evidence of this can be seen in the monuments, old homes, palaces, wall art paintings and in many other places and things. It is a detailed art which helps people soothe our souls just by looking at a wall. As architects first started this, interior designing is now a whole another field with a sea of opportunities. The meaning of our homes changing has greatly impacted the relevance of interior designing as well.