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What are difference types of insurance plans

Health Insurance is must now days which helps us to cover the medical expenses that might be illness, accidents and also the expenses might be for hospitalization , consultation of doctor fees , medicines , major operations etc.

Serious illness or hurt we might do not know when it strikes us it might happen anytime and we don’t plan to fall ill . For that reason we need to plan a insurance because the cost of the treatment will be high based on the illness and also it might cause huge financial trouble and moreover as well know the cost of the medical treatment is going high day by day

For example we all know cancer treatment is very costly and you need to may money for the medicines, chemotherapy, hospital expenses etc and the amount might be huge and you might be ending spending your savings etc and we all know the cost of every serious illness is going high every year and most of the dreams might be shattered due to illness and you end up paying all your savings etc. To avoid such things we can take a medical insurance which protects your family

There will be multiple types of health  insurance policies few of them are listed below

Medical claim is one of the best and most basic kind of insurance plans where they cover the treatment cost when we are admitted in the hospital mostly the money payout would be on actual expenses and we need to submit the original bills

One more plan is Critical illness insurance Singapore plans this is applicable for prolonged diseases or any diseases which are life threatening . It is not the same like the basic plan we discussed earlier this particular plan should chosen by the customer . This insurance plans helps to use the monies for the medicines as well as the other treatments . Cost of this insurance rely on the diagnosis of the diseases.

Choosing a good and liable health insurance is most important aspect we need to keep few points in our mind like it should protect  us from the multiple kinds of critical illness and it should have great flexibility on choosing our own plans and most important thing the premium should not change when we are in the term based om our health condition and we need to make sure the policy should benefit us on the long term  and most importantly the insurance should cover large network hospitals so that customer in the rural area can also use it very easily.e need to make sure they have the cashless option for all the expenses we have utilized in the hospital and most of the insurance helps to get medicines, doctor visits , diagnostic test etc