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About Beautify an Outdated Lamp. 

Home lamps can quickly become obsolete. Even the most straightforward designs can sometimes go out of style. And it’s expensive to buy new lamps every two years to keep up with the latest lamp trends. However, one way to stay modern is to update the lamps you already own. Many simple solutions will turn your light into a whole new fixture. If you don’t have a lamp but want to customize one, many simple lamps are very inexpensive. We have provided you with some easy projects to customize your lamp.

To paint

One way to completely change the look of your lamp is to paint the base. Before doing this, wash the device with a damp cloth. This will remove the dirt that gets in the way of the paint. For a better look, use several thin coats of paint. The great thing about painting is that you don’t have to be afraid to be bold. If you paint it color and don’t like it, all you have to do is repaint it. A modern trend is to have pops of color throughout the room. So if you think a touch of red, orange, or yellow would look great in the room, try doing it with a painted lamp base.


Another inexpensive option for updating your lamp is to replace or revamp the shade. If you want a completely new shade, there are plenty of opportunities for buying a new one. A Lampe Cocooning is a new luminaire when it has a different shade.

Housse de Couette Cocooning

However, there are ways to modernize your shade without replacing it. Decorate it with items you find around the house or at the local craft store. Lace is an excellent option for an elegant look. The white or black lace on the edges is very chic. Another option is to use the ribbon. Make sure the ribbon material easily adheres to the shade fabric. Tape a ribbon about 1 inch from the bottom to give it the most elegant look. Be creative with the decoration. Seashells are cool to stick on for a beach theme, buttons add a little extra cuteness, and bows can spruce up the fixture. Anything you choose to add to the lamp will look great.

Fabric design

If you want to replace the shade without paying for a new one, try covering it with a new fabric. There are so many fabrics for you to choose from. It will make your lamp unique. Because you choose the material, it will likely match your room the best. It is also straightforward to cover a shade and does not require any stitching. Lay your shadow on the fabric and cut about two inches above the top and two inches below the bottom. Then, using fabric glue, start rolling the material onto the lampshade, cutting off any excess fabric.

Other ideas

Bangs are a fun thing to add to lampshades. Whether it’s fabric or beads, it’s a fun way to decorate.

Rhinestones can be cool. If this is a young girl’s bedroom, this is a must-see. If it’s the living room or another room in the house, it can give a stylish look if done right. White rhinestones are best for an elegant look. Secure them with fabric glue or tacky glue.

Crystals can also be fun to hang from the lamp. It is beautiful when reflected by the light emitted by the lamp.

We have provided you with some small projects to transform your lamp. However, the possibilities are endless. If you can think of it, you can do it. A little creativity and imagination is a recipe for beautiful decor.