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How to Use an IG Password Hacker to Hack Instagram account

The simplest way to hack an account on Instagram is by resetting the email associated with the account. This is an easy way to hack the Instagram account. You can make use of the IG password hacker tool and type the email address of the user or their username. Later you should choose the forgot password option and then choose to reset the password.

Do not choose to reset the password using a mobile number, choose either email or username for this purpose. If you choose a mobile number then the person would be notified that you are trying to hack their account. After you submit the reset request then an email would be received from Instagram. Follow the link which is provided in the email and change the password. Reset the password and change the email address with your own. Then login with the details in your phone, so that Instagram would be logged out from the user’s phone and they won’t be able to use it again.

Change the password associated with that account:

Instagram account hacker

If you touch their phone when it is unlocked then you will be able to open their Instagram account and then go to the settings. Now if you want to get the unlocked phone then you need to tell them some lie or need to ask them for their phone to see some pictures. Most of the time people are using their unlocked phones when they are scrolling or when they are showing pictures. You can also pretend that your phone is dead and you need to make an urgent call to someone to pick you up. After you enter in their account setting then you would be able to change the email and password yours. After changing the email and password you need to first logout from their account. Now they will no longer have access to it. Now you can use the new email and password for logging into their account by using your phone.

This is a superb method but it will require physical access to the phone and also need enough trust so that the person can hand them unlock the phone to you.

Use Spy tools

If you want to monitor the activity of someone what they are doing or whom they are messaging then instead of stealing their account, you can download the spy software which would be compatible with the target phone.

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