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Instagram Verified | What It Means And Why It’s Important

When Instagram (IG) started, it was simply a photo- and video-sharing social platform. But through the years, it all changed. The social media platform is now one of the biggest out there. And now, Instagram can do more than just share photos and video clips. The social media platform has over a billion monthly active users that is why it is now used as a powerful tool to grow brands and businesses.

What is the Blue Checkmark?

If you have noticed, some huge accounts have that blue checkmark after their account names. And having that means that their accounts are ‘verified.’ They are more exposed on the platform, and it opens more opportunities for these individuals or brands to grow. This means that more users will notice them, which gives them the chance to boost their social media presence.

The emblem has only one purpose – to identify the account as the brand’s official one. Instagram verification prevents impersonation, and that is why it is only granted to celebrities, big brands, and public personalities. And if you have an Insta account that you want to grow, then for sure, you too would like to get instagram verification.

Instagram Verification – Why So Important?

The blue checkmark next to your Instagram name showcases your brand’s exclusivity. It is also an easy way to boost brand awareness and grow your follower count. It increases trustworthiness and helps your users find you not only on IG but on other social media platforms. It gets early access to Instagram features too. There are just too many advantages to having your account verified.

Get Instagram Verified

If you want to get your account to have that blue checkmark, then you need help from ‘Get Insta Verified.’ They offer a quick and easy process to get your account verified. They have helped hundreds of accounts get verified as long as it meets the requirements. If you are interested, go ahead and check them out and look at the packages they offer.

Instagram is such a vast social media platform that has changed the lives of so many people. This is one of the reasons why people and brands want to have their accounts have this blue checkmark next to their names. Simply because it opens up plenty of opportunities that will help them grow, not only in this platform, but with their other social media accounts as well.