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The importance of story views on social media

The stories on the social media have become a popular way for people and brands to engage with their audience. They are short videos or images that appear at the top of the social media feed and disappear after 24 hours. The varied stories have become a powerful marketing tool provided by Goread, and the benefits of using them are many.

Varied benefits:

One of the primary benefits of the stories is that they allow the users to reach a wider audience. When the user’s post a story, it appears at the top of the social media feed, and their followers will be notified that the user have posted something new. Additionally, the user’s story can be discovered by people who don’t follow them but who may be interested in their content. The stories also have a discover feature that allows users to browse through stories based on their interests.

Another benefit of the varied stories is that they can help to increase engagement with their audience. Stories are an interactive format, and users can respond to the stories with direct messages or by using interactive features such as polls or quizzes. This engagement can help build a stronger relationship with their audience and lead to increased loyalty.

The stories can also be used to promote the products or services. The user can showcase the products or services in a creative way, and the short format of stories makes it easy to capture the audience’s attention. Additionally, the user can use features like swipe up links to drive traffic to the website or online store.


Another benefit of the stories is that they allow the user to showcase the user brand’s personality. They can use stories to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of the user business, showcase the team, or share company’s values and mission. This can help humanize the brand and build a stronger connection with the user’s audience.

Finally, the stories can be used to provide value to the user’s audience. Goread can use stories to share tips and advice, promote upcoming events or sales, or share exclusive content. This can help as an authority in the industry and build trust with varied audience.

While it’s nice to have a large number of views, what’s more important is engagement. Are people responding to the stories? Are they interacting with the brand? These are the metrics that will ultimately lead to a stronger relationship with the audience and increased loyalty.